Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Access Television?

Public Access: enables people to express their creativity, explore important issues and exercise their first amendment rights through public access facilities like Dakota Media Access (DMA). As a community media center, DMA provides the training, expertise, and production tools for residents and non-profit organizations to produce their own non-commercial programming for cable and web casting. Public access gives everyone a voice!

Education Access: DMA works with local schools, both public and private, by providing resources and a presentation venue for student projects and programs for and about Bismarck-Mandan’s educational community.

Government Access: programming makes local government more accessible to area residents and provides an important communication link between the local jurisdictions and the community. The Mandan & Bismarck City Commissions, Morton & Burleigh County Commissions, City and County Planning Commissions, Burleigh County Social Services, Mandan & Bismarck School Boards meetings are covered LIVE and replayed several times before the next scheduled meeting.

How is Dakota Media Access Funded?

Dakota Media Access is funded by a franchise fee assessed upon the local cable provider by the Bismarck and Mandan City Commissions as compensation for the use of the public right of way to install cable throughout the cities.

In addition to paying a franchise fee, the cable company also makes channel space available for DMA.

Donations, underwriting, and dubbing services are other mechanisms which contribute to DMA’s vitality.

Where Do DMA Programs Come From?

Short answer: You!

Programs seen on Community Access are produced by volunteers, staff, and other community partnerships.

Local residents and area organizations are always welcome to produce and/or submit a program to be placed on DMA’s channel schedules.