Women Behind the Plow Interviews

Women Behind the Plow Interviews ImageThis photo exhibit was created by the Tri-County Tourism Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of German-Russia Heritage in Logan County, McIntosh County and Emmons County, North Dakota. A grant from the North Dakota Historical Society was provided to collect the video interviews used on these panels.

Episodes available through Dakota Media Access Video on Demand:
Lorraine (Meidinger) Kaseman
Lillian (Schwind) Sayler
Helen (Iszler) Frisch
Alice (Woehl) Buerkley
Frieda (Thurn) Ketterling
Alice (Rohrich) Kramer With Pete Kramer
Arlene (Wagner) Kramer
Mary Ann (Schumacher) Gefroh
Mary Ann (Werre) Lehr
Violet (Eiseman) Diegel