Internet Archive on ROKU


Watch DMA Content on Roku

Dakota Media Access’ recent Government Access meetings and Community Access programs are available on ROKU through the Internet Archive.

You can add the private “unofficial” channel that contains DMA content to your Roku account by going to the following URL:

What You Get

The active subset of the Community Media Archive is available on a “private” unofficial Internet Archive channel on the Roku known as the Nowhere Archive from the Nowhere Man.

In addition to DMA, there are about 20 public, education, and government (PEG) access centers/collections whose last 50 items uploaded to the Internet Archive are available on the Roku:

Access Humboldt
Amherst Media
Attleboro Access Cable System
Berkeley Community Media
Chicago Access Network Television
CATV 8/10 (NH/VT)
Dakota Media Access
Denver Open Media
Falmouth Community Television
Foxboro Cable Access
Maine Community TV Archives
Media Edge
Mendocino Coast TV
Open Stage Media
Philadelphia Community Access Media
Rogue Valley Television
Seattle Community Media
Stoughton Media Access Corporation
Worcester Community Cable Access