Anessa Pfeifer-Johnson

Host of Capability Chronicles, Anessa Pfeifer-Johnson has been working with students of all abilities in ND since 1993. She taught English, directed theater, and even coached high school basketball. Now working in the Alternative Learning Center at Mandan Middle School, Anessa coaches Mandan’s congressional debate team in the fall, then coaches Bismarck’s public forum debate team in the winter.

Awarded the Japan Fulbright Memorial Scholarship in 2005, Anessa was able to study the educational system of Japan- in Japan. Her first overseas experience, it fueled her love of learning. She has since led tour groups to Japan, Europe and the South Pacific.

Anessa worked with Girl Scouts for over ten years as a summer camp organizer, an assistant leader and was a Juliette Gordon Low impersonator. She has also been involved with the League of Women Voters as a moderator for the candidate debates. She is currently involved with the Unitarian Universalist church. Her four children have led her in many directions, her love of learning has taken her to new heights.

She jumped out of an airplane in Fiji.

She climbed Mt. Sinai in Egypt, 2011.

She has no idea what she will do next.