Bismarck State College

The ’60s: Turmoil and Transformation Symposium
The ’60s: Turmoil and Transformation covered one of the most significant decades in American History, the period between President John F. Kennedy’s assassination (Nov. 22, 1963) and the fall of Saigon (April 30, 1975).

View footage from this historical event through our Video On Demand library listed below.

Space Race by Andrew Chaikin
Bob Eubanks & Special Guest Dawn Wells
Chautauquas 1964 – 1975
Origins of the American Indian Movement by Clyde Bellecourt
Vietnam by Dr. Geoffrey Wawro & Gary E. Skogen
The ’60s on the Homefront: Zap, Woodstock, Protest, Vietnam
Growing up in the ’60s by Lawrence Wright
The Beatles by Mark Lewisohn
Summary & Reflections by Mark Lytle
Influence of Television by Mary Ann Watson
Nixon by Rick Perlstein
Interview with Gloria Steinem
Women’s Panel (Dr. Sheryl O’Donnell, Laurel Reuter, Dina Butcher & Dr. Kimberly Crowley)

The Kennedy Legacy: 50 Years Later Symposium
The Kennedy Legacy: 50 Years Later explores the life, career, politics, vision, character and achievements of JFK’s life 50 years after his death.

View footage from this historical event through our Video On Demand library listed below.

Kennedy and North Dakota by Kim Jondahl
Kennedy and the Space Program by Senator Harrison “Jack” Schmitt
The Kennedy Mystique by H.W. Brands
John F. Kennedy’s Last Hundred Days by Thurston Clarke
Robert Kennedy by Thurston Clarke
Dallas, Nov 22, 1963 by Clay Jenkinson and Last Rites & National Mourning by Father Brian Gross
Conspiracy Theories & the JFK Historical Narrative by David S. Lifton
The 9/11 & Warren Commissions: Personal & Historical Observations by Dr. Lorry Fenner
JFK & the Constitutional Aspects of Presidential Succession by Julia Ernst

Visiting Scientists Series (VSS)
The Visiting Scientists Series (VSS) is a partnership of Bismarck State College, Gateway to Science, Bismarck Public Schools, ND Society of Professional Engineers, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, US Geological Survey, University of Mary and the ND Department of Human Services. It showcases scientists working in a variety of fields, with the intent to encourage students to consider careers in science.

Space Junk: NASA’s Orbital Debris Program with Dr. Jack Bacon

Eric Sevareid Symposium
The ND Humanities Council, the Dakota Institute, and Bismarck State College hosted Not So Wild a Dream: The Legacy of Eric Sevareid, a public humanities symposium that explored the life and legacy of one of the greatest journalists in American history.

View footage from this historical event through our Video On Demand library listed below.

Eric Sevareid Quotes
Eric Sevareid Pictures
Working Vignettes of Documentary Film
The Day Broadcast News was Born Revisited
Reflections on Sevareid’s European Reporting
Clay Jenkinson – Ordeal of William Shirer
Retracing Canoeing with the Cree
Sevareid and Civil Discourse in a Noisy Democracy
Knowing Eric
Eric Sevareid and the Search for an American Identity
An Exploration of Eric Sevareid’s Commentaries on War
Sevareid’s Washington Legacy: Enduring, or Obscured
World War II on the Air
The Role of the Press in a Democratic Society
Little Folded Paws: Sevareid as Memoirist
A Conversation About Life at CBS with Eric Sevareid
Eric Sevareid and the Golden Age of Correspondence Memoirs
The Philosopher for the Common Citizen
The Legacy of Eric Sevareid

BSC Music Program Concerts
The BSC Music Program allows students to enjoy music and develop their skills by participating in lessons, classes and performing groups. Students may participate in Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Choir, String Ensemble, Piano Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Brass Ensemble and Woodwind Ensemble.

BSC Music Program Concerts available through Video On Demand:

Jazz Fall Concert
Choir Fall Concert
Wind Ensemble Fall Concert
Patriotic Fall Concert
Wind Ensemble Fall Concert
Jazz Spring Concert
Concert Choir Spring Concert
Wind Ensemble Spring Concert
Holiday Concert
Jazz Ensemble Fall Concert
Wind Ensemble Fall Concert
Holiday Concert
Wind Ensemble Fall Concert
Choir Fall Concert
Jazz Ensemble & Jazz Combo Fall Concert
Jazz Ensemble Spring Concert
Wind Ensemble Spring Concert

Other BSC Music Concerts available through Video On Demand:

Patriotic Concert
Patriotic Concert
Concert Choir Fall Concert
Collage Concert
Choral Spring Concert
Collage Concert

Special Programs available through Video on Demand:

Chat with the Guadalcanal Guys
Holocaust Remembrance Day Observance
Where You Live Can Make You Sick: Environmental Influences on Health & Disease by Dr. Loren Wold