Apple TV

To stream Dakota Media Access channels on your Apple TV, you must add the free “Cablecast Screenweave” app to your account.

Search for the green Cablecast Screenweave Logo – Cablecast Screenweave provides live feeds and video on demand from public access channels around the country. Depending on the channel, you’ll find a variety of local programming, school events, as well as local community and government meetings.

Installation Instructions:

1. You’ll need to be signed into your iTunes account to access and download store apps.
2. Navigate to the “App Store” on your Apple TV main menu
3. Select “Search” on the top navigation bar
4. Search for “Cablecast Screenweave” (You can just start typing “Cablecast” to find it).
5. Select “Cablecast Screenweave” when it appears in your results
6. Select “Install” on the app store page.
7. Once Cablecast Screenweave is added, Navigate to your Home Screen to launch the application.
8. On first launch, select Dakota Media Access and the channel you want to watch.

The next launch of the Cablecast Screenweave application will automatically go into the last channel you were watching. To change, select “Select Channel” in the top navigation bar.