Dakota Media Access (DMA) is a North Dakota non-profit, 501(C)(3) corporation with a volunteer board of directors drawn from the community. Originally incorporated in 1987 as Community Access Television, the organization was renamed Dakota Media Access in 2008 to better reflect the changing media landscape and the services we provide to the community. DMA serves the cities of Bismarck and Mandan by managing the production facilities, equipment, programming and distribution systems for the area’s public, educational and governmental media needs.

To foster free speech and public dialog by making access to the electronic media available to all citizens through media training, access to media tools and transmission paths on a non-discriminatory basis.

To enable, support, and promote the production & distribution of electronic media programs by and for education, government, charitable, or other non-profit organizations, residents of, or members of a group which operates within the communities of Bismarck and Mandan.

To strengthen our community by building partnerships and networks to leverage emerging technology for non-profits, government, education and other organizations that would not otherwise have this capability.

To strengthen our community by using media to:

  • facilitate the sharing of information and democratic involvement
  • enhance community dialogue and freedom of speech
  • encourage community involvement and civic pride
  • create an awareness of local interests, views and cultures
  • promote artistry and creative expression

Community Access
Content on Community Access consists of video programming produced by volunteers and staff, resident-endorsed “imports” from other areas, movies in the public domain, and various arts, cultural, educational, religious, and informational programs and series made available through partnerships and volunteers whenever possible. Community Access programs can be seen on cable channel 12 and 612 (High Definition) and at the Community Access website.

Government Access
Coverage of local government meetings, transmitted in their entirety, is the principal programming offered on Government Access. Other programming seen on Government Access includes public information from the cities of Bismarck and Mandan, candidate forums and debates, election information and programs originating from government sources. Government Access programs can be viewed on cable channel 2 and 602 (High Definition) and at the Government Access website.