What is Public, Education and Government (PEG) Access Television?

Federal Communications Commission PEG definition

Public Access: enables people to express their creativity, explore important issues and exercise their first amendment rights through public access facilities like Dakota Media Access (DMA). As a community media center, DMA provides the training, expertise and production tools for residents and non-profit organizations to produce their own non-commercial programming for cable and web casting. Public access gives everyone a voice!

Education Access: DMA works with local schools, both public and private by providing resources and a presentation venue for student projects and programs for and about Bismarck-Mandan’s educational community.

Government Access: programming makes local government more accessible to area residents and provides an important communication link between the local jurisdictions and the community. The Mandan & Bismarck City Commissions, Morton & Burleigh County Commissions, City and County Planning Commissions, Burleigh County Social Services, Mandan & Bismarck School Boards meetings are covered LIVE and replayed several times before the next scheduled meeting.

Government programming also includes covering other important public affairs shows that go in-depth on local issues, candidate forums, coverage of special meetings and a listing of municipal announcements and events on DMA’s community bulletin board.

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