Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest ImageUrban Harvest provides the Bismarck/Mandan area with an open-air market that enables local residents to shop for fresh, regionally grown produce and other food products, and to support and enjoy local artisans, crafters, and entertainers.

Visit Urban Harvest at: www.bismarckurbanharvest.org.

View Urban Harvest on:
Community Access, cable channel 12 and 612 HD
Saturday: 9:30 pm

Urban Harvest episodes available through Dakota Media Access Video on Demand:

Jessica Norman
Gravel & Glass
Chameleon Moonflower
Boston Steve
Danny Savage
Anonymous Phenomenon
Matsen Slapnicka
My Fix
Brain Monster
Rod Morasch

Dead Money
The McMahon Brothers
Ashlyn & Bill

Northern Light
Derrick A. Mitchell
Glass Heroes
In the Air
A Separate Peace
Open Mic
Ty Ktytor
Kids With Beards
Pat Phillips & Roger Nordquist

The Prairie Meddlers
Falcon Brothers
The Flea-Bitten Tramps
Kids with Beards
Luke Ellenbaum Band
The Levee
Anonymous Phenomenon
Harbor Hills
The Midnight Noise Orchestra