Flashes of Creativity

Flashes of Creativity is an art program that showcases art created in Bismarck Public Schools at all grade levels. It began as a pilot project with Century High School and a handful of elementary school teachers in Bismarck, but it is open to any teacher or school that would like to submit their art. It is a co-production between Dakota Media Access and the Bismarck Public School system. DMA offers training and professional equipment to schools and the general public in return for the permission to air their content on our community cable channels, website and/or radio. If you are interested in participating with your school, send your inquiry to info@freetv.org.

Video on Demand Episodes:
Lincoln Art, Creativity in Action 2015-16
Grimsrud Art, Mrs. Sheldon’s 4th Grade
Highland Acres Art, Grades K – 5
Northridge Art, Grades K – 5
Prairie Rose Art, Mrs. Edelman’s 5th Grade
Solheim Art, Grades K – 5
Sunrise Art, Grades K – 5
Highland Acres Art, gr. 3 – Snowflake Artwork
Prairie Rose Art, Mrs. Allen’s 3rd Grade
Myhre Art, Kindergarten, gr. 2 – 5
Liberty Art, gr. 1 – Using Symmetry
Rita Murphy Art, gr. 3 – I Saw the No. 5 in Gold
Solheim Art, Kindergarten & gr. 2
Miller Art, Amazing Experiences
Lincoln Art, Kindergarten, gr. 1, 3, 4 & 5
Centennial Art, Kindergarten, gr. 2, 4 & 5
Roosevelt Art, gr. 5 – Starry Night
Highland Acres Art, gr. 5 – Book Making
Century High School Art #1 & #2 Combined
Century High School Art #2
Century High School Art #1