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Dakota Growing episodes available through Dakota Media Access Video on Demand:

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes
How to Grow a Great Vegetable Garden
Microgreens: Vegetable Confetti for Your Table
It’s Soil Science, Not Rocket Science!
Woody Plant Diversity in Landscapes
Dwarf Conifers and Beyond
No-Till Gardening
Caring for African Violets
Dealing with Potato Disorders
Arboreta in ND — What’s Where?
Aronia: A Promising Fruit For ND
The Shady Side of Plants
Pollinator Gardens

Starting Seeds Indoors
Grow a Bouquet of Glads
Tough Trees for Urban Landscapes
How to Prune an Apple Tree
Value of Our Lawn/Landscape
Smart Affordable Ways to Manage Your Lawn
Perennial Garden Design
Fun Gardening Projects to Do With Kids
Growing Blackberries in ND
Containers and Raised Bed Gardening
How to Grow a Giant Pumpkin
Caring for Your Garden Soil
How to Plant and Pamper Your Roses
Promising Trees for Bismarck-Mandan

Rain Barrels: Collecting, Using Rain
Container-Grown Trees
Seven Steps to Creating a Stir Fry
Starting Seeds in Soil Cubes
The Science Behind Home Remedies
Create Your Own Little World
Selecting for Nutrition in Our No-Till Garden
Growing Annuals in Containers & Gardens
Underutilized Evergreens
Growing Tomatoes in North Dakota
Getting Started With Square-Foot Gardening
How to Calibrate a Backyard Sprayer
How to Hand-Pollinate Corn
How to Start Seeds Indoors
Weed Control in Lawns
Pruning Shrubs for Fruit & Beauty
Cool Fruits for a Cold Climate
NPSAS/NDSU Vegetable Variety Trials
Navigating Gardening with Pinterest: Successes and Failures

2015 NDSU Extension Service Spring Fever Garden Forums
Woody Plant Diversity in Landscapes
Stop Turf Problems Before They Start
Herb it Up!
Dangerous Pests Threaten ND
Edible Landscapes: Gardening Outside the Box
How to Grow Large Onions
Will You Dig These 2015 Flower & Garden Trends?
Diagnosing Plant Problems
Pollinators of ND
The Sweet Side of Honeyberries

Gourmet Vegetable Varieties
Hardy Maples for North Dakota Landscapes
Soil Issues for Gardeners
Containers Beyond the Ordinary
Success with Succulents and Sedums
Tree Planting and Pruning
Ornamental Grasses for North Dakota
What to do when my Plant is Sick?

Theo Art School Garden Walk
Woody Plant Research: New Trees and Shrubs for the North
Spring Shrub Pruning
A Gardener’s Grilling Guide!
Selecting Shrubs for Home Landscapes
Successful Gardening Working with NDAWN
The Seven Deadly Sins of Tree Care
Low-Input Lawn Care (The LILaC Program)
Organic Gardening from the Ground Up
Gardening North Dakota Style

Sheehan’s Garden
Churchill’s Garden
Growing Grapes in North Dakota
Newest Lily Hybrids
Usual and Unusual Trees for Central North Dakota
Designing and Creating Theme Gardens
Heirloom Vegetables
Trees That Sparkle in Spring
Breed Your Own Veggies!

Donna Bloom Hipfner’s Garden
UTTC Dragonfly Garden with Tom Kalb – Annuals
UTTC Dragonfly Garden with Tom Kalb – Roses
Dean and Vovi Wetzel’s Garden
Anna Rathbun’s Garden
Carleen Soule’s Garden
Susan Holland’s Garden
Shelly Serenko’s Garden
Starting a Backyard Orchard
Dynamic Roses for the Northern Gardener
Ten Steps to a Fantastic Garden
Trees and Shrub Selections for North Dakota
The Drought Tolerant Garden – Designs for a Season Long Color
Home Remedies for Gardeners: Myths, Lies, Fiction and Fact
Dynamic Roses for the Northern Gardener
Hardy Fruits for North Dakota
What Color is Your Diet?